Bodyworks Osteopathic Clinic Warkworth

Tim has been practising Osteopathy for 28 years. As one of Auckland’s leading osteopaths with an extraordinary amount of experience he has had three generations of family members come for treatment and patients that come from all over the country. He is very much a family osteopath and treat everyone from new-borns, children, teens and adults up to the elderly. He has a particular interest in treating new-borns and pregnant women and have 25 years’ experience in this field which has enabled me to obtain significant results with babies and pregnant women. Tim treat everyone with huge respect, integrity and professional excellence. For it is only through developing trust that you can get a truly satisfactory treatment outcome. Over the years I have combined yoga and martial arts techniques with osteopathy to get a high level of treatment success that is sustained.
After our first session with Tim, our baby slept for 12 hours straight through! I kept checking to see if she was still breathing! It’s been great to have her more settled. L. was a C-section birth but had a lot of head compression during an attempt at normal labour. He had extreme feeding problems and cried at every feed. After a few cranial treatments, he started feeding normally and happily. No more crying! What a relief! She wasn’t feeling well and we were worried about her development. After only 2 treatments, she is a different girl! We know she is feeding well now as we have so many more nappies to deal with! I am so grateful to Tim for the treatments he gave my son. He was such an unhappy and unsettled baby that life had become a real nightmare. His constant crying made him very unpopular with everyone and no one else in the family was prepared to help me with him. With 5 other children I was feeling so desperate and depressed, I was really worried I might crack under the strain and even do some harm to my baby. I’m so relieved that he is now a normal member of our family and life can go on. We’ve noticed since her first treatment that her sleeping at night has improved and even her naps during the day have been better she’s just more settled.