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All my work, whether it is with an individual, couples, families, groups / classes, a business, is in collaboration with Source. When I use the terminology “Source” it is the Source of being human, that which is our point of origin, our individual spark, a light that is creation. My work is in alignment with the personality / collective personality of the person, group, family, business, flowing the information / vibration necessary to assist in the desired outcome, the request for a new alignment, new experience.
“Outstanding, Direct, Spiritually Gifted, and an Exceptional Teacher” I have known and worked with Talai for 20 years and during that time, participated numerous times in her classes, events and programmes.  The way she explains and teaches is definitely direct from Source as the words becomes visions when she is speaking.  Her direct link is exceptional and her dedication to helping others begin or continue their journey has been worldly recognised.  She travels mostly within Australasia but also works with clients throughout the world, My family were totally lucky to be part of The Pathway Evolution where with time and dedication, let go of past issues, expanded our growth, not just within ourselves but amazingly became a stronger family unit.” Jill Evans