Higher Health

Michelle is a Classically trained Homeopath (NatDip.Hom ACCH. Level 7), an experienced Subtle Body Energy Healer & (QBT) Quantum Biofeedback Therapy Practitioner. QBT is information medicine – It reads from your own DNA, analyses your voice & aura, detecting stress disturbances in your body, mind, & biofields that come up for healing using vibrational resonance frequencies. Michelle also uses other Terahertz & Quantum sound and colour technology, teaches Lymphatic detoxification, trains, coaches, & mentors’ people to access their intuitive abilities and hidden gifts.  
“Homeopathy has really changed my life! My long time physical disability has disappeared and soon after the remedy. I no longer felt the need for my medications which I had been on for years! I’m emotionally back on track and I feel 20 years younger and am leading a much happier and healthier life. Thank you Michelle.” E. Stevens (65). Auckland.