Warkworth Naturopath

Jasmin is naturopath, herbalist and bowen therapist specialising in the areas of womens health,  gut health and detoxification. She offers Hair Testing for Food and Environmental Substances as well.   Jasmin is trained in Soul Centred Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) which is a deeply healing modality that works gently to heal trauma, blocked emotion and most importantly to deepen your connection with your higher self so that you gain your own answers.   BHSc (Comp Med) DipNat DipHerb Med GradDip Tching (Prim)

Thank you Jasmin, for the Bowen treatment, Felt the stress come out of my body, I love that something so gentle work that deeply Ps. I would highly recommend a session to all Barbro Kana “I have suffered from IBS for 20 years! Since having the hair test and avoiding most of the foods on the list and taking the supplements you recommended – I’ve had improvement in my symptoms for the first time.” “After my session with Jasmin and exploring a past life where I embodied a Viking explorer. I came away feeling very strong in body and mind. The other sensation I experienced was a effervescence in my soul, I went away lighter versus the heaviness I felt when going into the session. Lindsay B April 22