Holistic Wellbeing

Inga’s focus is on rehabilitation and recovery from mental, emotional and physical imbalance and trauma. Clients of all age groups are welcome. Inga uses Bowtech® the original Bowen technique, EAV analysis, clinical nutrition, herbal and homeopathic formulas, as well as counselling. She is a qualified Naturopath, Bowtech® practitioner and instructor, and runs Bowtech® courses in her practice in Snells Beach.
Inga has been a godsend to me over the past 5 years. During this time she helped me overcome some serious back problems after a fall that resulted in loss of strengths in one leg. She also tested me with her magic machine to identify which medication were helpful or not desirable. Her Bowen therapy after a heart bypass operation was fantastic and overcame a very painful shoulder, probably as a result of being kept for an extended period of time during the by-pass operation. This was completely fixed and the relief was great to say the least. Inga recommended a supplement that has literally changed my life, it gave me incredible energy, great sleep and the ability to overcome burning feet (resulting from prolonged diabetes) There are many other treatments she has given me, too many to recall. I would recommend Inga above many other so called “normal” treatments. They invariable try to fix the symptoms but not the cause. Thank you Inga for your great help over the past years! K. Polman, Papakura, Auckland