Align Me

Dianne has 13 years experience working with clients of all ages,  gently and effectively assisting them to move with ease She offers unique body therapies that are complimentary to each other, working together to reduce pain and discomfort, release muscle tension and restore functionality and mobility

An holistic approach to treating pain

Emmett and Bowen therapies are gentle, non-invasive soft tissue therapies that employ light touches on specific points. These gentle corrections are applied to achieve profound releases within muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, allowing the body to return to its correct and balanced state and relieving pain and restrictions.

Our approach treats the whole body rather than focussing solely on the symptom you’re experiencing. Throughout your treatment, we look for and treat the cause of the problem, which can be some distance away from the area that hurts.

Improvement of symptoms can often be seen and felt immediately. In addition to treating specific complaints, your treatment acts to increase circulation and improve the flow of lymph and energy, which can have benefits well beyond pain relief.

Dianne loves being able to help everyone move freely again, it can be life changing
  “That feeling of being on cloud 9” is exactly what you feel after a treatment with Dianne. I had injured my knee and ankle in a sporting injury and had been in a moonboot and after months of feeling out of sorts I wanted something that was going to be effective so I tried Dianne at Align Me after hearing the success a friend had had. Wow, is all I could say. No words can explain the feelings you have or get during treatment, but after it I was feeling so much better. I have recommended her to all the people I know who have issues and even got my sceptical Dad to try her after he had injured himself. After his first treatment, he was amazed at how good he was feeling and continues to go to her. He now swears by her and her treatment and is now a converted sceptic. My husband, son, and daughter have also experienced Dianne’s treatment. There’s no manipulation of bones or anything, and you barely feel her doing anything. My whanau and I highly recommend Dianne at Align Me to treat your ailments, and she’s the only person we call when we need fixing. Kelly and whanau     After many years of trying to find help with aches and pains and trying many things from physio Osteo chiro ,I was recommended to go see Dianne and its been the best thing i ever did ,I’ve had amazing results with many areas some years old, now gone ‘And after an ultrasound telling me I had a real nasty bursitis 2 treatments with Dianne its been gone for over a year .I would 100 percent recommend her without hesitation its different and it works no thumping just soft and gentle Lois