Flight to the Light

Caroline McSharry has been working with healing modalities for over 30 years.  She is a Reiki Master and teaches courses. She practices Reiki and Bio-Energy where she trained in Ireland. Her practice of Bio-Energy releases unwanted energies trapped within the Meridians and Chakra System.  Caroline reads the energy and receives the memory within the blockages and releases that memory for clarity of mind, body and spiritual freedom. Caroline releases Past Life blockages from the Spiritual body if they are ready to go.  She can only help with the healing if the Client is ready to release it, she can not delve into anything that the Client wants to hold on to.   She works on Animals, Horses, Pets energetically, releasing emotional pain and on the physical level.  The animals respond so well to the energy work. Caroline also channels abstract energy paintings for commission work and exhibits locally. She sells Channelled Aura sprays that help with healing. Caroline wants to help as many people move forward on their spiritual journey towards peace, harmony and unconditional love.

“I was guided towards Caroline and am quite skeptical after so many years of suffering.

Caroline has a very special gift and knows how to work out the difficult energies I was holding on to.  I have no doubt she knows what she’s doing as my body responded so well to this healing.  I am so very very grateful.”   Marcus.