Our Modalities

Modality: Quantum Technology

Cutting edge frequencies devices and programmes that assess your energy field and physical body for distortions and blockages then transmitting the frequencies to you that will bring healing and balance

Mirjana is a Bioptron Light Therapist and Holistic Wellness Educator.
Inga uses Bowtech® the original Bowen technique, EAV analysis, clinical nutrition, herbal and homeopathic formulas, as well as counselling. She is a qualified Naturopath, Bowtech(r) practitioner and instructor.
Michelle is a Classically trained Homeopath. She is experienced as a Subtle Body Energy Healer and (QBT) Quantum Biofeedback Therapy Practitioner.
As a therapeutic social worker, Cherie is passionate about boosting our health and wellbeing, so we can best navigate the challenges of these times. She uses coaching skills for mental health issues (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness


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