Our Modalities

Modality: Metaphysical Therapy

Going beyond everyday mind, into the sub-conscious mind to find answers and to connect with the internal guidance/soul-self through timeline healing, inner child work, trauma release, past life factors through gentle relaxation and mild trance states

Caroline McSharry has been working with healing modalities for over 30 years.  She is a Reiki Master and teaches courses. She practices Reiki and Bio-Energy where she trained in Ireland.
Pauline is a life coach, massage therapist and yoga teacher. She has post graduate in Clinical Psychology, and studied Reiki, Massage, and Yoga.
Jasmin is naturopath, herbalist and bowen therapist specialising in the areas of womens health,  gut health and detoxification. She offers Hair Testing for Food and Environmental Substances as well.
Pamela Harland is a transpersonal counsellor using higher dimension counselling and healing therapy for emotional release and alignment with inner Self


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If you’d like to join our collective, we’d love to hear more about your work. Organise a meet up with us to apply.

Health coaches
Life coaches
Energy Healers
Quantum healing technology