Our Modalities

Modality: Energy Healing

Relaxing ancient practice of hands-on therapeutic touch and often sweeps through the energy field (aura) to remove blocked energy to bring alignment & balance. Types: Reiki, magnetic, quantum, re-connective energy healing

Emily is an Intuitive healer and life coach, working with soul purpose and uncovering energetic imbalances and blocks using Energy Codes, Breathwork, Bioenergetics, BEST Release, mPower Step, Chakra System, Life Coaching, Counselling, Remote Healing & Reiki.
Talai is a gifted in metaphysical and quantum arts, she works with individuals, couples, families and businesses to increase their vibrational frequency and communication system.
Lori is a certified Reiki Master who helps clients achieve well-being through all layers of health – emotional, mental, physical & energetically. 
Kylie is a professional Reiki Master, attuned to find where your ‘Ki’ (energy) is needing to be unblocked. Kylie is passionate about helping your energy to flow in harmony.
Sylvia works in the field of Emotional Intelligence. She has over 30 years of experience working with the Voice and Healing Sound to restore psychological and emotional balance.
Thelma uses psychology of colour to help clients identify what their true issue is and what is blocking them. She then interprets the clients colour choices to reveal new perspectives.
Michelle is a Classically trained Homeopath. She is experienced as a Subtle Body Energy Healer and (QBT) Quantum Biofeedback Therapy Practitioner.
Ian is an energy balancing therapist and has been a natural therapy practitioner for over 22 years trained in bio-energy therapy, polarity therapy & magnetic therapy.
Pamela Harland is a holistic transpersonal counsellor using higher dimension counselling and healing therapy for emotional release and soul-alignment.


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