Journey through Higher Dimensions-Skills for Navigating New Earth workshop one with Pamela Harland starts February 2024

Journey through Higher Dimensions, Skills for Navigating the New Earth

with Pamela Harland, Counsellor & Healer in Warkworth a course of 3 one-day workshops 10am to 4.30pm

three one day workshops starting February 2024 – taking expressions of interest now

A series of 3 one day workshops on Higher Dimensions and Spiritual Healing – a journey of going through the known & unknown worlds and how to work with energy frequencies.    This course is open to those new to healing, those wanting to connect more with their Soul-self or those wishing to raise their awareness & practice. Workshops are a mix of spiritual ideas & experiences, discussions, meditations, creative visualisations & energy healing practice.

Workshop One – Attunement to Source, self-healing & spiritual concepts (sacred space)

Connect with your Higher Self-Soul,  strengthen your intuition, bring in your ancient wisdom, working with the subtle bodies, energy centres levels/ dimensions of consciousness, universal laws, self- healing & balancing, distant healing, connect with unseen helpers, other realities, star nations, seeing life through a lens of vibrational frequencies,  grounding, boundaries & protection, make your energy field stronger

Workshop Two – Time travelling – healing the past, create your future Self, life purpose

Time travelling – consolidate the past & future into the present, inner child healing, how beliefs shape our perspective, intelligent creating mind, connecting with our future self.  Past lives, akashic records,  letting go/cutting the ties of old relationships, healing ancestral patterns & trauma.   Managing & removing lower 4D entities & earth bound spirits, Identifying your life’s mission.

Workshop Three – Smorgasbord of healing modalities

Experience and practice energy frequencies through various mediums – Colour healing, Crystal Healing, Atlantean healing, Sound healing, Dragon energy, remote viewing, dowsing, healing buildings & places

This course suits: therapists, health professionals & coaches wishing to take themselves and their work on to another level, anyone questioning the current world view, those wanting to search for greater meaning, anyone yearning to understand existence beyond the 3D physical world.

Investment : $250 for each workshop day.       Refreshments included, bring your own lunch.    Fee includes one individual energy healing session with Pamela alongside the course between workshops 2 and 3 (worth $120)

Email Pamela Harland:    to register your interest and book your place on the course

payment by Paypal or internet banking. Workshop one can be paid in 3 instalments of $85 before the start of the course.

and to find out more about Pamela’s background see website

Higher Dimension Counselling & Healing     www.Spirit of         021 114 7878


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