Intuition: 4 ways to tap into your intuitive wisdom

What Exactly Is Intuition???

Intuition is an ancient wisdom. A loving inner voice which guides us towards positive actions and peaceful outcomes.

When you aren’t tuned into your intuition, and need to decide about something important, you may act on impulse. You may people please, choose a destructive path, or feel pressure. It is difficult to move forward when you feel like that.

Trusting and using your intuition is such a life changer! There are many names for intuition, including inner voice, inner guidance, uncanny knowledge, gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense or a hunch. I like to call it our intuitive wisdom.

Reflect on how many times you have felt your inner guidance trying to give you a message, and later you have told yourself ‘I had a feeling that was going to happen!’ Or ‘I wish I had listened to my inner voice!’

Intuition can be like a whisper in your ear, or a thought which feels like it is coming from a different place. It is part of our natural human navigation system.

When out and about in town, a fascinating thing happened… Suddenly someone came into my mind who I hadn’t seen for a very long time. I wondered why on earth I was thinking of this person. Continuing on my way, I turned the corner and low and behold, there was the very same person in front of me! This was my intuition or intuitive wisdom, telling me what was about to happen.



Looking inside yourself is all it takes. Sometimes takes delving through some other obstacles, such as looking for approval, bias, or even past traumas.

To overcome these obstacles, scan your body, become self-aware, examine your beliefs. Getting out of your own head and into your heart, can help you tune into your intuition.


We have a choice of FEAR or LOVE. Fear is that inner critic, that voice inside which can be unkind, and can create pain, shame, anger or anxiety. It is time to CHOOSE LOVE instead of spinning in the wrong direction!

Start by listening to your authentic self – TRUST is the key to hearing your inner voice. Treat yourself with respect, kindness and integrity. Staying true to you will dissolve the fear and allow you to tune into your intuitive frequency!

You will begin to find yourself, make beneficial decisions and take chances which positively change your life. Intuition leads to insight and is a SUPER POWER we all have.

Famous examples of intuition:

  • In 1914, during decline of demand for his cars and high employee turnover, Henry Ford doubled his worker pay, enabling them to finally afford to buy Ford cars. Demand was back within a year and employees were happy.
  • Albert Einstein said ‘I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.’
  • Paul McCartney had a dream of a tune that would become one of the most popular Beatles songs, “Yesterday”. Initially, he feared it was too different from their current music. How wonderful that he listened to his intuition!


Take time out to recharge and ground yourself, separating yourself from what other people think. Your greatest guru is often the one you already have deep within. Meditation and getting out in nature, gives you time to reflect and breathe. Finding silence in the stillness allows your inner voice to surface.

Say this affirmation out loud:
“I, (your name), am calm, peaceful and intuitive in every moment. I breathe in my intuitive nature and trust in my own ancient wisdom.”

Surround yourself with others who empower you, enhance your life and give you a feeling of being lifted into love.


What matters most is in the present moment. The body senses what your conscious mind does not, so tap into how your body feels. Intuition arises when you bring yourself out of the past or future and into the now. Try out the following meditation to bring you into the present moment.


Lie down or find a comfortable sitting position. Make sure you will be warm enough (you may like to have a blanket). Place your hands by your side with palms open. Tap into the awareness of your breath. Say to yourself ‘Breathing in’ and ‘Breathing out’ with each breath. Keep coming back to the movement of your breath.

Focus on full breaths for a minute, with no spaces in between, allowing a circular flow. Surrender to any areas which may feel heavier, dull or in pain. Breathe into these areas, imagining oxygen flowing into the pore of your skin.

Now place both of your hands onto your belly, on the area you consider as your gut. Continue breathing, feeling how your breath flows in and out. NOTICE how the breath moves into the hands, and away from the hands.

Stay here, with your hands on your gut, giving that area time to soften. Let go of any inability to listen. Coming to a sense of trust, of not shutting down. Literally, physically in this area, where you might say your gut instinct resides.

Stay here, feeling the breath going in and unwinding any tension. It may be a shield of protection that you have developed over many years. Feel the warmth, the kindness and even the courage your hands are offering you. Feel the relief of the release right underneath your hands.

You may start to feel something surfacing, butterflies or uncertainty… or maybe even a little fear, just at the precipice of that letting go. That’s OK. Keeping your hands here for as long as it takes to SURRENDER to what may arise.

RIDE with the feelings. Release your hands down by your sides. Turn your palms to face up. Let your breath flow in a circular motion.

Now, bring the palms of your hands lightly over your throat. This is another area we tend to shut down. Notice where there is clarity or obstacles. These may take the form of a lump in your throat or a tight feeling. The connection of your deep belly and your throat is felt through your breath.

Spend time, with this vital passage-way, from the throat to the belly. Stay here until you feel this INCREDIBLE PATHWAY OPENING.

It feels like the path is becoming wider, filling with flowing love. The communication between these two wisdom centers is alive with energy. Continue to breathe this connection, from your throat to your belly and your belly back to your throat. RELAX and LISTEN DEEPLY.

What is your gut telling you? Find that seat of relaxation that opens the doors to listening. Surrender.

Come back up into your throat, where your truth lies. As your mind connects to your breath, your past stories are a mere whisper. They dissolve, and your breath brings your mind back, into the present moment. Into the clarity of the throat. Which opens to your INTUITIVE WISDOM. Continue the flow, the movement, the love.

Bring your mind to the space between your eyebrows. Breathe from the head through to the throat. From your throat to the belly. From here, up to the throat into the head again. SURRENDER to this circular cycle of breath.

Clear, easy and effortless, DEEP listening. Understanding, breathing in and breathing out, with the flow of your intuitive nature. Even the crown of your head drops all the way into your throat.

Now, gather your hands to your heart. Ask yourself, ‘How am I are feeling?’ ‘What is it I need to know right now?’ And TRUST in your ANCIENT INTUITIVE WISDOM.

In Love and Light,


This article was originally published on 21 November 2022 on Radiant Wellness.

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