HEALING VOICE – magnetism and balance with Sylvia Rands 17/18 July 2024 at Matakana


HEALING VOICE – The power of Vibration and Magnetism
SATURDAY AUGUST 17 & SUNDAY AUGUST 18 2024 at Matakana

A weekend to delight in the mysteries of your magical body . Sylvia Rands offers a space to deepen your access to embodied sound and frequency in a supportive environment .
WHEN : Saturday 10am – 5pm : Sunday 11.30am – 6pm
WHERE : Matakana Hall Meeting Room
COST : $360 ( deposit $100, non-refundable, secures place )
BOOKINGS : sylvia_vocalvision@hotmail.com 0211823026
Tune your body to high-frequency sound and learn techniques to soothe and heal your body and being. Open your mind to the alchemy of :
the Ear : ringing ears / tinnitus
the Larynx : birth your creativity
Vibration & Magnetism : the feminine principle in communication
the Limbic System : awakening deeper brain strata
Synaesthesia : co-ordination of the sense organs
the Archaic Voice : the mythic roots of vocal expression
purifying the four lower body systems : activating the ‘clairs ’
This workshop is suitable for folk who are passionate about sound and toning, bodyworkers and healers who wish to activate more sound in their work , and anyone who is looking for a deeper access to the Divine Feminine principles of receptivity and flow in their daily life.
The weekend is the perfect follow-up to Voice Alive as it takes you deeper into the fine embodiment of sound and frequency and expands your vocal awareness into deeper fields.

https://www.facebook.com/events/1116290519470496?ref=newsfeedVOICE ALIVE – vocal empowerment & freedom  

VocalVision is a body of teaching and healing practices developed by Sylvia Rands over the last thirty years. It is based on the use of voice, word and sound in daily human relationship,  in the healing process  (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ),   and as illuminated in public speaking and performance.

 The Vocal of VocalVision is our Voice – the divine marriage of our vocal anatomy with the spirit within  that invites our fuel, our breath, to create sound.

The Vision of VocalVision is that our unique authentic Voice is a powerful gateway to a heart-centred life of creativity, abundance and full embodiment of our humanity.

Within our Voice we discover all that has been repressed, shamed and silenced

and   all that awakens our joy, intuition and irrepressible desire for unity and bliss.

 VocalVision offers the following group workshops and 1:1 sessions :

Voice Training : Based on Sylvia’s holistic voice-training modality, Four Elements Voice,

a range of workshops offer training in vocal awareness, your vocal potential, healing sound and embodied performance :

VOICE ALIVE : Vocal empowerment and freedom

HEALING SOUND  : Embodying the Divine Feminine in daily life : the activation of high-frequency sound and self-healing. The role of surrender, allowing , pulse and vibration in the healing process.

YOUR PERSONAL SONG : Awaken your unique creative signature ; this is the celebration of our unique essence which in the new energies becomes a beacon,  guiding us to our purpose and joy.


 The Four Elements are one of the energy systems that embody the dance of the masculine and feminine in all of life. We each have female/male within us – the divine marriage within. The energies of Earth, Water, Fire and Air are present in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As we activate these elements within our body through the power of vibration/sound we eventually move into balance and feel a deep homecoming to our organic core. We recognize ourselves again and our heart heals . Self-love leads naturally to love of our planet, each other and our community.

Voice Alive activates and celebrates the Elements through processes of :   group sharing, breathwork, opening the vocal channel, voicework, sound & toning, visualisation & meditation, exposing patterns which hold us back and offering new solutions.   The Fifth Element from which all stems is ETHER : The whole self/ Me

EARTH : Care for our Body and our Planet – in that order.

WATER : Emotion and Pleasure ; the order for the new humanity

AIR : Ordering Words and Thoughts

FIRE: Waking up Consciousness. Activating our will and our passion

VOICE ALIVE ONLINE : contact for next dates

COST : $290      WHERE : ZOOM

Your voice is your friend and guide when you know how to listen to its messages.   Explore your vocal potential and open up to new ways of relating and deepening in your relationships.   Feel the power of your authentic voice. Release fear, limitation and judgement.   When we stop Feeling we become frozen . Sound and Tone are vibration and their gift to us is to warm us, to melt the freeze and lead us to freedom.   This course covers :

  • Breathwork
  • Freeing the vocal channel
  • Healing with sound & toning
  • Visualisation & meditation
  • Group sharing
  • Expanding your vocal and creative range
  • Exposing patterns which hold you back and offering new solutions

 The maximum number for any group is 10 . Sylvia works with small groups to allow time for process.

This is VocalVision’s introductory workshop which provides a base for other work.

Healing Voice is the perfect next-step for those wanting to continue their growth after Voice Alive .


Facilitator : Sylvia Rands (BA) is one of New Zealand’s most experienced facilitators in the field of self-realisation through sound and voice . She has worked as actor, director and vocal teacher in New Zealand and Australia, on stage, film, tertiary arts training and alternative health communities for over 30 years.
Sylvia studied voice with Kristin Linklater – USA, Frankie Armstrong & Globe theatre – UK, Roy Hart & Phillipe Gaulier, France. Her Healing with Sound training was with the Lichtenberg Institute, Germany, working with the voice both anatomically and metaphysically. Training in ThetaHealing technique – Australia, Hakomi therapy – USA , Reiki – NZ , Celebrancy – NZ and ongoing with the Krystal Academy Canada keeps her work current and effective.
Sylvia is an intuitive channel who works on the 5th Healing Ray. Her unique healing modality, Quantum Sound Therapy offers deep level transformation along with 1:1 vocal coaching and spiritual counselling. Sylvia runs her private practice in Warkworth & Auckland , also offering voice courses and healing online to groups and individuals.
BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES : sylvia_vocalvision@hotmail.com

I have recently completed my first online course of Voice Alive . It was a lot of fun and well received:

“ I’m loving this class ….. it brings me such incredible joy ….. I can feel the excitement in my cells, they’re jumping around, dancing, celebrating – such fun. This is how we come together and share our hearts and souls ……. I think for me too, connecting with like minded, open-hearted beings is incredibly beautiful ……. my heart overflows”                                                                                                                                                 Frances , Australia

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