About Us

We are a Wellness Hub for the people of the Mahurangi area – Warkworth, Matakana, Wellsford and surrounds. We are a grassroots community initiative, a not-for-profit project.

The Wellness Hub Warkworth area

A group of us met in 2022 to plan and envisage  what a holistic health centre with an emhasis on affordable therapies for all, would look like.   The Wellness Hub NZ has become the new model for holistic therapy, a Practitioner Collective, and community which encourages self-empowerment and balanced health options. 


A Brighter Collective Future

“I want to see sustainable change in people so they can feel truly valued, uplifted and confident. I want to see how people can thrive & be in tune with their inner authority and exercise choice. I want to see a thriving local community where we support each other and past emotional experiences can be resolved, making way for a brighter collective future”.
– Pamela Harland

Our Team

The Wellness Hub team includes :


Our Mission

We are a group of healers, facilitators, educators and holistic practitioners, offering a range of health and wellness services for the benefit of the whole person. (Mind, Body and Spirit). We promote an environment where complementary healthcare and wisdoms are available to all, in an affordable and inclusive manner. Working in the Principles of love, respect, trust and guidance to empower one’s own healing, intuition and well-being, within a supportive and connected community.

We are forming connections with other community initiatives.


Our Vision

Healthy, vibrant, living individuals, looking after themselves, their community and their World.

Come meet us at our next Connections Day!