Empower Your Mind, Body & Soul

We are local health & wellness practitioners who offer well-being therapies that empower you to choose a more integrative self-care approach.

We are a not-for-profit community initiative

Our collective provides support and well-being for people in our community.

Growing rapidly by word of mouth, we are a local Warkworth area project starting out in 2022 to bring together our local health & wellness practitioners into a Hub Collective and between us best provide support and wellbeing for people in our community.

Maybe you are feeling:

that life has become too stressful & you don’t know where to turn next

increased anxiety, or too much grief or life is too difficult to manage

that you need extra help to manage your family’s health and ease the worry

that you need to find more information on health issues and adverse reactions

that you want to try something new, like a more holistic way to improve your health and lifestyle

overwhelmed by the events and challenges of the last couple of years and you feel uncertain about the future

We have a wide range of modalities

How the Wellness Hub provides optimum health & wellbeing

We offer a holistic approach where the whole person is valued. Our Collective of Hub Practitioners are well-trained and have extensive experience in a wide range of modalities


Changing old patterns & emotional states to finding empowerment and clarity, effective ways to manage stress, anxiety, depression and grief

Life Coaches

Working with skills and strategies to solve difficult life situations to make life more positive and fulfilling, working towards achieving your goals

Body Workers

Chiropractic, Bowen, structural alignment and massage for physical realignment and balance, breathwork

Quantum Healing Technology

Cutting edge technology- bioptron light, Iterra wand, quantum biofeedback, bioenergetics

Health Coaches

Going beyond managing symptoms by exploring diet, lifestyle, finding causative factors and best strategies for restorative health

Natural Medicine

Homeopaths, naturopaths & herbalists Remedies and health options to best suit you, your symptoms & your body-mind connection

Energy Healers

Reiki, magnetic healing, quantum healing, using sound & light frequencies

Quantum Metaphysical Therapy

Past life regression, trauma release, soul centered hypnosis, memory reprocessing


Our collective showcases cutting edge natural holistic therapies. Browse some of our practitioners below.


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